"The Legend Of Korra" The Stakeout

We already know that Team Avatar will be vising the Misty Palms Oasis and the Si Wong Desert, sources are The Official Book 3 Trailer & The New Book 3 Clip.image

Theory: Team Avatar journey into the Misty Palms Oasis in search of Aiwei, they stumble across some wanted posters of themselves ordered to be put up by the Earth Queen (Huo-Ting). Later on in the episode they find Aiwei along with the rest of the Red Lotus. Team Avatar are kidnapped and there body’s can’t move (Like how in this week’s episode of Korra when she got stunned), the Red Lotus tell them there objective and why they need Korra (Thus: the episode description about Korra finding out there plan) so Korra can do it right there, of course, she doesn’t. Lin finds out about whats going on and quickly goes to the Misty Palms Oasis to find Team Avatar.The fights begin. Zaheer makes Korra unconscious so that Team Avatar don’t take Korra back, again. But Asami rescues her and gets her to safety riding on Naga YASS KORRASAMI, whilst Lin is making sure Zaheer and P’Li don’t go after her, they fight! 


At Comic Con we got confirmation that the following fights will occur:

  • Ming-Hua vs Mako
  • Ghazan vs Bolin
  • Zaheer and P’Li (not sure about P’Li yet) vs Lin Beifong

Let’s start with: Ming-Hua vs Mako

I theorize that Ming-Hua vs Mako will happen in next week’s episode of Korra “The Stakeout”:

  1. Ming-Hua and Mako appear to be fighting in the Misty Palms Oasis.
  2. There trying to find Awei and they stumble across the Red Lotus with no option but to fight. 


Next is: Ghazan vs Bolin

  1. Ghazan and Bolin appear to be fighting in the Misty Palms Oasis very close to Ming-Hua and Mako.
  2. There trying to find Awei and they stumble across the Red Lotus with no option but to fight. 


Lastly: Zaheer and P’Li (not sure about P’Li yet) vs Lin Beifong

(I say i’m not sure about this one because in the sneak peek video’s we saw Zaheer deflecting earth in the same scenery that Lin was bending earth, there was also a combustion beam hitting Lin, she deflected it, but we didn’t see P’Li and the beam wasn’t very clear, you can watch the video here and judge by yourselves)

  1. Lin, Zaheer and P’li looked like they were in Misty Palms Oasis but i cannot say if they are or aren’t. 
  2. Lin goes to rescue Korra and makes sure she’s okay. She sees Zaheer and P’Li blocking Korra and so they fight


(P.S i also think that theres a possiblity this story would take up 2 episodes so “The Stakeout” could possibly end on a cliffhanger!)



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